Thursday, July 5, 2012


I said a while back one day I would write about why I am taking on this challenge.  Today I need to do that.  To remind myself, to encourage don't know.  Just put it out there, my heart is heavy today.  I am doing this because I hate cancer.  I am doing it because I fear losing people I love to cancer before I am ready to say good-bye.  I am doing it for people who wish they still had the choice of running.  I am doing it to offer a symbolic hug to people I don't know who are going through the turmoil of cancer. 

There are benefits I am receiving from training for this half marathon.  I am losing weight, getting more toned, spending quality time with my husband and son and enjoying the outdoors.  I fully admit I benefit from this personally.  However, every single time I step out our door and hit the trail I think of, and pray, for those I know personally or via others who are dealing with the everyday cycle of cancer.  (I hate to even type that word.)  I know me running isn't going to cure cancer.  I do hope my prayers while I run help people and I hope that any money I raise for St. Jude during this training will help fund a cure for cancer and help fund families who need this hospital.  I also pray our family never needs it.  I almost feel guilty putting that out for people to read, but I do pray it. 

During the last few weeks my thoughts and prayers during our runs have focused on two local familes.  The Erwins and the Krulls.  The Erwins might very well lose their son to cancer today.  He is only 15.  Thr Krulls have been on roller coaster of ups and downs for the last two weeks with their daughter Lucy, only 6, and as of the last couple of days are going on a down slope again.  Both of these families are showing amazing courage and faith in God.  I don't know how they do it, but I inspired by it and thankful they have this strength and faith in them.  You can read more about them here:

I am running on a team that is in memory of one of the strongest young men I have ever had the blessing of knowing, Nick Brumfield.  He lost his worldly battle with cancer, but won victory with the Lord last fall.  His family's strenght made everyone they touched stronger.  I still pray for them in my runs.  I know they are strong, but it has to be hard to be strong everyday. 

The last person, but certainly not the least, I consistently think about when I run is my sweet, cousin, Michael Lindsey.  He is cancer free.  The only time I don't mind saying/typing the word cancer is when it is followed by free.  He is a survivor.  I cry everytime I think about that, years later, but I was so scared he wouldn't be and so thankful he is.  I don't tell him enough how proud I am of him for making it through that time and I don't tell his family how proud I am of them enough either, but I am making an internal promise to start doing that more. 

Today I am going to end this post and say another prayer.  Prayers of hope for the Krull and Erwin families.  Prayers of hope for all families battling cancer.  Prayers of thanks for those I know who have made it.  Prayers for the hearts of those who have lost. 

Today we ran almost 5 miles, as a healthy family.  I am going give thanks for that too.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Whew! I don't need to wait so many days to blog - I am having a hard time remembering what we have done, lol. Here is a synopsis:

Thursday - Thursday we were back on schedule for running. It was much better than Wednesday night's run by far! Archie fixed D's stroller so that was a huge improvement alone. D was very appreciative of the smoother ride. The run itself was hot and long, but Archie and I both felt we did better when we ran it. It is hard to keep accurate track of our time because we do things like stop to pick up D's cups or open snacks for him, but we feel we did a better job.

Friday - Day of rest!!! Yes!! :)

Saturday - For Saturday's run we were in Ripley, MS visiting my in-laws. Archie and I woke up and started our run before 8am and D opted to stay and watch Mickey Mouse with his Mawmaw and Pawpaw. It is amazing how much faster you can run not pushing a jogging stroller, lol. (I know, stating the obvious.) As with Thursday's run, we both felt like we had improved on our endurance and our form.

Sunday - Day of rest!! (I missed running though - interesting....)

Tonight we will be running again!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ugh. Tonight was hard. When we finally got to squeeze our run in, I was sore and Archie was tired. Even worse, D was tired. Also, about a mile from home, BOTH back tires on the jogging stroller went flat. We decided for time's sake we would plug on. Thirty pounds of stroller and thirty pounds of toddler on flat tires ain't easy to push.(Yes, that called for ain't!)

All of this, but we did it. I know every night is not going to be peaches and cream for training, but we ARE going to do it.

My mind is with the program, now someone tell my legs!
Tuesday night was a cross training night on our training schedule.  I did an aerobics class and Archie intended to go to the gym, but when he arrived they were closed.  Grr.  (We use the University gym as a benefit of my employment there, but they do have crazy hours during summer and school holidays.)  Instead, even though it should have been cross training, Archie came home and jogged.  He logged 2.5 miles.  He also used our new (at least to us) Garmin Forerunner.  Love it!  We still need to play with it some more to use it better, but it was really cool.

Today we both woke up feeling fairly sore, but nothing terrible.  We are both using Advocare Night Time Recovery before bed to help ease the soreness.  It is definitely helping.  We are also using Advocare's spark and catalyst before our workouts.  I love those products probably the most of any from Advocare's line.  They really help give you that extra push to finish your workouts and feel energized afterwards, not pooped.  We also decided that stretching throughout the day was helpful.

Tonight - somehow - we have to squeeze in another running night.  Wednesdays can be fairly busy, so the pressure is on to get it done.  Wish us luck!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Last night we started day one of training.  It felt great!  We took D in the jogging stroller with us and he really enjoyed it too.  However, I have to say being pushed in stroller while eating Fruit Loops would have to be pretty enjoyable to anyone.  :)

Doing this challenge as a family is a must for us.  Partly because we don't want to take any time away from D to train, but also because we can motivate each other!  I have to say Archie pushed me through last night.  He was amazing.  I know I would have quit half way through if it wasn't for him.  I hope on his "off" days I can do the same. 

We are using an iPhone app called 13.1 Half Marathon Trainer Exercise for Pink.  It is pretty good so far.  I worry that it might be too agressive for us in a week or two and beyond, haha, but we are ready to push ourselves.  Tonight we are scheduled to crosstrain for 40 minutes and will be back to running on Wednesday.  No pain, no gain!

On another day, perhaps when I need to remind myself, I will tell the stories of why we are doing this challenge and why it is dear to our hearts. 

Until then:  Go TeamNick, Go!